About Me

Who Am I And Why Should You Care?

Well, I’m just a guy from the Netherlands that knows a lot about creating videos. But don’t ask me why you should care about me, that’s for you to decide.


But to answer your question, my name is Teun, but you can call me Tony as I know you probably going to have a hard time pronouncing my real name. No worries though, I get it a lot.


I’m a video producer/ media advisor that has worked across the globe with different kinds of brands and events and I know how to tell your story that you didn’t know how to tell. 


I’m efficient in filming, editing, directing, writing, producing and animation.


Besides creating content, I know how to spread your work to attract the audience that you are looking for.


I was born and raised in The Netherlands and grew up in Utrecht. 


This is the place I call home, although I spent a lot of time in different parts around the world creating content and helping brands get their message across. Honestly, I love what I do.


WhoM have you worked with?

I have worked with global brands such as Mindvalley, Elite model management Australia, social media influencers and YouTube channel Asian Boss.


Through Mindvalley I have worked with people like Micheal Bernard Beckwith, Wim Hof, Vishen Lakhiani, Jim Kwik, Lisa Nicoles and many more.


Besides my site, you can find my client work on my IG TV and my personal videos on my YouTube Channel.

Here’s What My Clients Think

Gerard Adams – Serial Entrepreneur, host of Leaders Create Leaders
teuntotony US flag U.S.)

Joel Brown – Founder of Addicted 2 Success
( 🇦🇺 Australia)

Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani – Co-founder of Mindvalley
( 🇪🇪 Estonia)

Gautam Khetrapal – Founder of Lifeplugin
teuntotony india flag India)

Annie Aaris – Malaysian Influencer
( 🇲🇾 Malaysia)

Kei Ibaraki – Co-Founder of Asian Boss
( 🇦🇺 Australia)

Nice! So how can we Collaborate?

That’s easy!

Just drop me an e-mail if you would like to work together. I will always get back to you if it’s business related.

If you just want to talk, then shoot me a simple message on Instagram.


That is so kind of you to ask! I would love for you to do that!
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